Other Vehicles

We also are the proud owners of a very classic motorcycle. We have a completely restored BSA Grand Prix Victor 441 Scrambler built in 1965. This wonderful machine was the ‘state of the art’ as far as off road competition bikes went in 1965 and is absolutely glorious to see and hear! Also currently undergoing a full renovation and rebuild is our 1972 Yamaha XS650 a beautiful example of 1970s Japanese motorcycle engineering.... And for a more sedate manner of transportation? We will also have a wonderfully period 1950s Ladies Raleigh bicycle available later in 2014.

We also have 2 beautiful classic 1958 Series 2 Short Wheel Base Landrovers! One is fitted with a full ‘Safari’ hardtop and the other will be rebuilt with a canvas canopy. These wonderfully characterful and fun vehicles are both currently undergoing complete renovation and restoration and should hopefully be available for hire later in 2014!