Our Beloved Hudson

She is a Hudson Commodore 6 Sedan built in Detroit in 1946 and delivered new to her first owner in the January of that year. Hudson was a relatively small manufacturer who were known in the USA for building ‘top end’ vehicles. Unfortunately they were ‘swallowed up’ by the much bigger car companies by 1958 and so consequently they are very rare indeed! At this time, we know of only 4 other Hudson’s such as ours in the UK and none of them are available to hire!


In common with all the other U.S car manufacturers of that time, Hudson had for the duration of the Second World War been building vehicles to help with America’s war effort and they only resumed ‘public’ manufacture in September of 1945. Our Commodore was the ‘top model’ in Hudson’s post war line up, only surpassed by the Commodore 8 which was the same car but with a slightly bigger engine. She lived for the early years of her life in the Mid West of America before being sold to an owner in Florida in 1963. There she stayed as an old Gentleman’s ‘daily driver’ until finally coming to England in 2010 when he could sadly no longer drive her due to his age and unfortunate ill health.


For the mechanically minded...she is in original condition complete with her powerful 3,300cc Straight 6 engine running through a 3 speed gearbox with the revolutionary (for its time!) ‘Hudsonite’  fluid clutch. Since we have owned her she’s been extensively rebuilt mechanically and has also had a complete re-upholstery internally. All carpets, seats and the headlining etc have been expertly replaced! She is in a truly superb condition and an absolute dream to drive or be carried within.....in the front and back she has two enormous bench seats (far more like your average lounge settee than a normal car seat!) and she also has a huge amount of leg space! These seats are comfy beyond belief and can seat 3 adults in comfort. Although she has an enormous engine please don’t worry.... she is surprisingly quiet too!


Our Hudson has been beautifully resprayed in a gorgeous deep dark metallic blue externally and she comes with acres of chrome! Internally she has blue upholstery and carpets and a pale turquoise roof lining with a deep red dashboard. Rolling on white wall tyres and bright red wheels completes her very authentic and classic 1940s look!


Our Hudson Commodore is maintained by Bob to a very high standard and you can be assured of a wonderful experience should you choose our lovely old car for your Special Day!